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Our Mission

Creative Solutions. Community Innovation.

Bernard Consulting & Associates, LLC (BCA) is a Maryland-based company that specializes in assisting nonprofits and public sector entities faced with challenges due to various factors, including lack of financial resources, strategic direction, human capital, capacity or technical skills. BCA’s core services include communications and public relations, fund development, strategic planning, stakeholder enegagement,  event planning and more. BCA is unique from other consulting companies due to our nonprofit and public sector expertise, community vision, community partnerships and pricing structure.


BCA offers a list of professional services for public sector entities in the mid-Atlantic area to choose from, depending upon their particular business needs. BCA will focus on nonprofits, both small and large-sized, as nonprofits play a critical role in addressing some of our most pressing social policy issues. In a rapidly changing environment and uncertain financial times, nonprofits are increasingly in need of additional resources to help them advance their mission. The combination of less funding, higher demand and reduced cash flow has been devastating for nonprofits, straining an already reduced staff with longer working hours and less available resources. Nonprofits now seek consultants and other contractors to help them overcome these challenges and build sustainability.


BCA also focuses on municipalities, governments and quasi public entities that are either small in size and/or lack the capacity to accomplish key projects that fall within the core services outlined. For example, changing demographics, aging populations, declining downtowns, limited planning capacity, limited housing opportunities present many challenges for small towns that have fewer financial, technical and staff resources. Many small towns are turning to consultants for grant and proposal writing, planning, economic development and marketing services. The goal is to build solid relationships by providing services that address key challenges and meet the goals of public sector entities.


Schools and universities confront different challenges. In recent years, higher education institutions have seen enrollments  drop, layoffs and the closing of some colleges. State and public universities especially feel the brunt as they wrangle with decreased state funding. Consultants are helping these institutions maximize their dollars with marketing and outreach services to increase enrollment and better serve neighboring communities.


Our Staff


Tel: 443.538.1565








Carole I. Bernard is the principal and owner of Bernard Consulting & Associates, LLC. With extensive nonprofit and public sector experience, Bernard has served in leadership roles for more than 15 years at local, regional and national organizations. 


Bernard is passionate about and dedicated to empowering and advocating on behalf of individuals and their communities. Her work has focused on arts and culture, HIV/AIDS, women's health issues, senior issues, affordable housing, corporate social responsibility, and community and economic development.


Bernard, a Boston native, began her career as a speechwriter for the Mayor of Boston and then was promoted to the Mayor's Office of Business Services as the deputy director. She then worked as the director of public information for the largest human service agency in New England, Action for Boston Community Development, Inc.


With a desire to address issues on a national level, Bernard relocated to Maryland to serve as the public relations manager for the Enterprise Foundation and later as communications director for other national nonprofits including Paralyzed Veterans of America, National Research Center for Women and Families and the National Minority AIDS Council.


Bernard also has led Washington-DC based organizations as an executive director, helping such nonprofits as Northwest Neighbors Village and Gateway CDC expand their programs and obtain increased funding.


Bernard has a master's degree in journalism and a bachelor's degree in political science.







Communications and Program Event Coordinator








Esther Apt has nearly a decade of experience in marketing non-profit and arts and culture programs/events in Baltimore and the Mid-Atlantic area. She has managed public relations and marketing initiatives for the JCC of Greater Baltimore and then for Mid Atlantic Media, the parent company of Baltimore STYLE, Baltimore's Child, the Baltimore Jewish Times and Washington Jewish Week.


Over her years in Baltimore she has had the opportunity to collaborate and work with local organizations such as The Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, The Baltimore Humane Society, The Lyric Opera House and more. Esther has also served on the Baltimore Shabbat Project’s marketing committee and is  a regular consult on communications efforts for Darchei Noam Montessori School.


Esther is passionate about developing authentic audience relationships and dedicated to sharing the vision of the businesses and organizations that she promotes. She holds a bachelor's degree from Wayne State University in communications/public relations and an associate's degree in photography from Oakland Community College.


What can BCA consultants do for my organization?

BCA's consultants are able to help your entity/nonprofit organization with a broad range of services. BCA is flexible, working with its clients in the way that works best and is preferred by the client, be it on-site, remotely, or a combination of both. BCA will work on a project in a team approach to assist the business in several areas of the business simultaneously. This will allow all parties involved to be in sync in terms of understanding the interconnections of the different functional business areas.

Why should I use a consulting company?

New perspective and additional skills! Many entities need an outside consultant to supplement their staffing or to bring a new perspective to the table to resolve certain problems or challenges. BCA understands the unique nuances of the public sector and has services designed to meet those needs.

Are the consulting services affordable?

BCA will meet with you for a free consultation to discuss your organization's issues. BCA will recommend  a plan of action  and  determine a pricing structure to meet the budgetary needs of the organization while accomlishing the goals and objectves. Cost depends on the size and scope of the project and length of engagement.

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