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Strategic Planning & Management


A strategic plan is an organization's roadmap for the successful delivery on its mission. BCA will help you define and implement your core competencies with a single session to devise a short-term, strategic directive, or a more in-depth process to develop a long-term plan to direct the work of the organization. Many organizations are looking for assistance to: strengthen the board, make the nonprofit more visible to the community, engage stakeholders, expand existing programs, or develop new programs. BCA offers executive transitioning, marketing and communications, and growth strategies consulting services to address your organizational needs.


A municipality or town is guided by sector plans and urban planning design. BCA works with municipalities and quasi-public agencies to help implement sector plans and community engagment, with a focus on community revitalization and economic development.


Other services include:


Strategic Plan Development                                 

Board Development                                             

Retreats for Evaluation and Implementation                                                                                                        

Interim Executive Director                                               

Policies & Procedures

Project Management

Community Development & Revitalization

Stakeholder Engagement

Economic Development                                      



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